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What advantage new-type multifunctional solar street lamps controller

by:SRS     2020-05-08

A new generation of multifunctional led solar street lamp controller. The electronic circuit is equipped with excellent performance of the single chip microprocessor chip, highly efficient charging, five fully functional LED display, programmable street light control mode, etc. This controller has the following functions with automatic temperature compensation of the three stages of charging methods ( Strong charge - Equalizing charge - Floating charge) By pulse width modulation  Control charging ways, can be applied to give the seal or not sealed lead-acid battery charging. Users can choose their own, by the battery capacity ( SOC) Or the battery voltage to control the depth of discharge protection function. Five different work and LED can clearly display the battery charge and discharge status. The main technical parameters:  according to the solar battery automatic identification of the open circuit voltage of the night built-in temperature compensation  battery capacity ( SOC) Or the battery voltage to control the depth of discharge protection function the polarity reverse protection two night lighting patterns, one is only electric timing mode. The other is programmable control mode. When evening came, after a certain delay, load automatically open. Users can custom load open the length of the night, the set time 1 hour as the unit, in the timing mode up to 12 hours. Five LED a comprehensive display of different battery charge and discharge status  by street lamp controller programmable mode can be divided into 13 step 0. 5 v selection control degree of dark dawn degree of control points and control points voltages. The charging series regulation to control the PWM pulse width way. 
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