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Use what are the advantages of solar street lamps in the countryside

by:SRS     2020-07-22

Rural what are the advantages of using solar street lamp? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows:  1. Now new countryside unceasing development, continuously in the transformation, beautification, the installation of solar street light can play the role of beautification.2. In recent years, more and more rural people are out of square dance, together, chatting and the installation of solar street lights can play the role of lighting.  3. Has the function of control and electric solar street lamps, can effectively control the use of the time, and itself is generating their own power, solar street lamp do not need to take charge. Rural solar street light effect how now, some of the village region beginning in energy saving lamp. Is positive light bead, is a solar panel on the back, lamp shell is solar battery and the controller inside, just a stent, equipment is lunch, and cheap, energy saving, beautiful. How many watts of solar street light are you? ” To buy solar street lights are often asked. In fact, the answer is simple. How many light bead is how many watts, hereinafter referred to as & other Number of pearl & throughout; , for example, there are 60 lamp bead is 60 watts, 100 lamp bead is 100 watts. There are wattage and brightness, the peak high-tech solar street light. Solar street lamp, can really reach expected effect? This is now two years ago. Two days before, xinjiang hejing equipment for 88 solar street light, the light project declaration of 450000. Equipment after streetlights, obtained the villagers in common praise. Behind him, this is not only the brightness, also contains comes from the masses to the peak of high-tech solar street light price, quality and service satisfaction. 
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