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Urban infrastructure construction to choose solar street light

by:SRS     2020-07-18

The footsteps of China's urbanization is speeding up, in the process of the construction of urban infrastructure construction in full swing, the street lights as the focus of the urban infrastructure construction is a problem need to focus on. Now many Chinese cities have pilot use solar street light, so what are the advantages of solar street lamp? Professional manufacturer of solar street lamp will briefly interpreted from three aspects the advantages of solar street light in urban infrastructure construction.  1 clean energy, energy conservation and emissions reduction clean energy and energy conservation and emissions reduction has been the trend of The Times, the city street lamps for urban energy infrastructure has been the focus of the city planning department planning. Compared with the traditional transmission lines to provide energy street lamp, solar street light with solar panels generate night power supply of electric energy, zero emissions, zero pollution. Thoroughly implement the National Development and Reform Commission for the implementation of clean energy, energy conservation and emissions reduction. Simple 2 without line arrangement   traditional street lamps in the construction should be laid circuit system, in the construction of urban road lamp cost is larger. Compared with the traditional street lamp, solar street light without transmission line laying, only complete solar panel power supply system in the process of construction and connection of street lamp lighting system installation, simple and convenient. 3 more convenient maintenance aspects  traditional street lamp after a failure to power lines do systematic maintenance, lighting system and so on. If faulty wiring, the buried transmission line maintenance is a very complicated thing. But the solar street light for eliminating the transmission line construction project, the only need to repair and maintenance of solar panel power supply system for maintenance. And in the daily maintenance only to maintain the cleanness of solar panels to make the solar street light. The above three aspects in urban infrastructure construction is the main advantage of solar street lamp, believe that in the process of China's urbanization construction, solar street light with its energy conservation and environmental protection, construction simple, maintenance is convenient three advantages will become the latest must-haves in the city street light set up. 
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