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Summer wading the road, want to watch the street light leakage

by:SRS     2021-04-26
Summer wading the road, want to watch the solar street light leakage is a high incidence of heavy rain in summer season, it was the season of easy seeper of the road, people to travel to work, have to wade through on right away, also easy to cause some dangerous situation in wading way, among them because lights or other power cable leakage caused by the electric shock phenomenon is also very much. Street lamp of the position of the general near the door of the electrical wiring, electrical door near is where the connection above the underground cable and light source, the general is the use of electrical tape will wire poles of the connection, if the rain is small, there is no overflow electric door ( Electric door is lower light pole, from ground zero. 3 - 0. An iron gate 5 metres) Opportunity is small leakage. If the rain over the electric door, then water will be very easy to seep through tape to copper wire, because the cause of the resistance, the voltage of the effusion compared commonly small, pedestrians sometimes may not feel, but if covered time is too long, or is the main cable, or other high voltage cable leakage, will form a very powerful around voltage field, the pedestrian is very easy to get an electric shock! So, in general, when the rain water is deep, the power sector will be the street lamp power supply cut of water area, so as to protect pedestrians wading in the process of will get an electric shock, but also leads to another question, is the deep water area because there is no lighting, other dangers will be more seriously affect the safety of residents. We suggest that, if the city suffered serious waterlogging phenomenon, residents can apply for a rest with the unit, to minimize the wading walking on the road, after all, on the road in the city is very high risk of wading.
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