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Street lights maintenance risk factors and security considerations

by:SRS     2020-04-04

solar street light convenient life, is also a beautiful scenery of the city. The lights on, people are concerned about the solar road light, the light is not maintenance personnel is where may be out of order, will be complaints, but is likely to be ignored the security problems, might not think of street lights maintenance security risks. In fact, the management and maintenance of work has its uniqueness, street lamps must not numb. Solar street lights maintenance existence of risk factors for street lights maintenance what are the risk factors: One: work on the road, people more cars, more complex situation on site, easy to traffic accidents; b: street lights maintenance people held up in the car, there is a risk of falls, homework personnel fall, including high altitude falling objects cuts, such as loss of lamps and lanterns, dump car, etc. ; Three: get an electric shock risk, such as wire and cable leakage, electric leakage, etc. ; 4: may occur in the process of construction and maintenance of fall injuries. In addition, the large lamp accident may also occur, including low voltage power supply circuit fault lamp, high pressure fault peg lamp; Facilities aging security incidents, including leakage, lamps and lanterns off cuts, tripping out the lamp; Cable theft causes some sections such as street light is not bright, these are the accident. But for person damage, high probability of largest or injuries from falls and falling objects. Street lights maintenance work accident prevention measures when the street lights maintenance, street lamps for high handlebars aerial work up to more than 10 meters, the risk is very big, the maintenance unit should pay special attention to safety management, set up a set of effective safety management program. Before operation in risk assessment and fully prepared, and the corresponding application and approval formalities. Implement site safety when working, to hold position, head of operation personnel shall strictly implement safety operation procedures carefully operation, unsafe behaviour, to immediately stop work; In the event of accident, immediately; After finish the homework to clean up the scene to leave. In addition, still should comply with the following security requirements: Solar street lamp manufacturers the general requirements of high operation: 1. High homework personnel should medical examination, and after special training, examination qualified show certificates. 2。 Unit should provide qualified personal safety protective equipment for workers, such as safety helmet, safety belt, etc. ; Homework personnel should be in accordance with the provisions, correctly wear and use. 3。 High job contact below should be set above the signal or communications device, and appoint someone who's in charge. Manufacturer of solar street light according to the work sites targeted set of safety warning signs; Night should be a red light warning. 
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