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Spectral complementary streetlights made great contribution to the environmental protection

by:SRS     2021-01-01

we often say scenery complementary street light has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, unlike conventional lights, which will produce pollution. But they don't understand, conventional street lamp is just lighting of the city, how will to environmental pollution? We use a digital example to tell you, for example, a city in the installed 150 sets of 250 w street light, electricity for 10 hours a day, the decade of electric power consumption for 1642500 degrees, coal consumption is 547. 5 tons, reduce 1434450 kg of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, 4653. 75 kilograms, nitrogen oxides, 4051. 5 kg.

outdoor lighting - Solar scenery complementary street lamp

so great is the number of conventional lamps for how serious the pollution of the city, so we try to reduce the use of conventional street lamp. The scenery complementary street lamp is on the social environment has a role of environmental protection, it is the use of solar and wind energy as an energy source, no harmful objects, and in time and geographical complementarities, wind-light complementary street lamp system is the best match on resources.

scenery complementary street lamp can according to user's amount of electricity load and resource case with reasonable configuration of the system capacity, therefore, in order to reduce the pollution of the city, for people living environment bring some fresh atmosphere, we should choose to have the beautiful scenery of the green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, safe and complementary lamps.

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