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Some advantages of solar landscape lamp

by:SRS     2020-07-13

Due to a series of advantages, solar landscape lamp be hurtling over the years. Landscape lamp power is small, mainly to decorate, high waterproof supplications. Landscape light, this is powered by solar cells, is now showing some unprecedented advantages. The following follow together to learn about the solar street light manufacturer. Solar landscape lamp is mainly used in some public places, when in the light of the sun in the solar photovoltaic components, convert light energy into electrical energy stored in batteries, battery to provide power in the night. The primary advantage is energy-saving, convenient, environmental protection, etc. Apply to the residential area green lighting decoration, grace park landscaping. Solar landscape lamp is by solar energy battery components, super bright solar led street light, rechargeable batteries and maintenance-free, active control circuit, lamps and lanterns, etc. Solar landscape lamp step-up IC, can charge and discharge, when the day induction to the sunlight, the solar battery charging board active switch to charge, when the night falls solar inductive charging sunshine, take the initiative to switch to the battery discharge. Solar landscape lamp step-up IC, can put the rechargeable battery output voltage up to 1. 5 v to 3. 6 volt. Circuit IC should be equipped with battery can drive 1-5 7 LED light-emitting diodes; Set of circuit board IC analogy; Solar landscape lamp control circuit and partial peripheral parts of products, primary functions include a charging circuit, drive photosensitive control circuit and pulse width modulation circuit and other circuit. And high conversion efficiency control: 80 ~ 85% ( Typical values) , can cut down power pleaded with solar battery bottle; Low a voltage: 0. 9V( The largest) ; Adjustable output current. Most landscape lamp use LED as light source, LED long service life, can reach beyond 100000 hours, low operation voltage and is very suitable in the use of solar landscape lamp. Particularly is LED technology has been key to break through its, as well as its features in the five years with the rapid development, its function price ratio has a bigger. In addition, through the low voltage dc power indicator light, the light source control capital is low, the light and shade of recuperation, frequently switch are, perhaps, and no bad effect on the function of the LED attack. Can conveniently control color, light scattering, the dynamic changes in the mirage, so it is especially suitable for solar landscape lamp. 
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