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Solar years to replace a battery?

by:SRS     2021-03-24
Solar years to replace a battery? As is known to all, solar battery is a consumable parts of solar street lamps, is the need to be replaced on a regular basis, but solar battery is generally replaced every few years? The answer, need to clarify here, to deepen correctly understand the solar street light and solar battery. In general, solar street lamps factory battery is outsourcing, because domestic can produce colloidal battery manufacturers are big, not to say that any manufacturer of solar street light can produce, now a lot of solar street lamps manufacturer in order to save costs, did some articles on battery purchase, such as filling capacity to small to big, charged at a time. According to the normal standard configuration, the general requirements of solar battery warranty for one year, for 5 - service life Six years, it's a normal level, general normal solar street lamps manufacturer to be able to achieve this standard, however, there are a few undesirable businessman USES shoddy, filled with a little one for a big way to deceive consumers, the solar battery often life is much lower than normal manufacturer, be in commonly 2 - 3 years need to be replaced, some solar street lamps manufacturer to provide the service life of battery or even only 1 year, this fool consumer behavior is very shameful. So, we suggest that when consumer is buying the solar street light choose normal manufacturer, otherwise the service life of the parts, including solar battery, will be very short, and finally do more harm than good.
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