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Solar street lights maintenance tips

by:SRS     2020-04-08

Solar street light maintenance tips to share! Small make up for our solar street lamps manufacturer explanation solar street lamps to protect small common sense: hope that we have to assist. Below and see it together: If you are devices, solar street lamps and normal use some time. So we should time to look at it. Solar street lamps to protect a tip: check the light on the controller, if the two lights are not bright, then perhaps the controller has been damaged, there has been strong current shock to perhaps system, such as direct lightning may short circuit conditions. Solar street lamps to protect small common sense: if found the controller light appeared normal discharge during the night, have meet voltage battery, lamps and lanterns is not bright, however, is the cathode of the lamp is connected directly to the battery test on the cathode, if cannot discharge, the lamp may rectifier may be damaged. Shenzhen century sunshine led solar street lamp factory professional produce sell solar street light, solar lawn lamp, lawn lamp, solar garden lights, yulan lights, lights, landscape lamp, wall lamp, head lamp, light, etc. 
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