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Solar street lights how to choose a style?

by:SRS     2021-03-02
There are a lot of guests at the time of purchase solar street light, the design is particularly important, always wanted to buy a good design, the design of solar street light we should how to choose, here we offer different according to different situations. 1, the ratio of high customer if you are asked to compare cost performance is high, can choose two of the most simple and easy design, the arm of A name is A word, called A conch arm, the two style is the most common solar street lamps, two of the most popular, whether it is installed in the city or the countryside, are very popular, on design style and the like. Conch arm: these two styles of solar street lamps production is simpler, less material, more affordable prices, we also compare recommends using style. 2, if A word arm of fancy prefer if you like some more different lights, new feeling at the moment, we suggest that you can use some modelling is relatively complex and beautiful modelling, here we list some models for your choice, the price on the design is slightly more expensive than the previously mentioned two slightly, mainly artificial cost slightly more expensive. These models are also on the market that are better recognition and acceptance, conform to the aesthetic view of people. 3, as a bid for the solar street light threshold with if you choose to want to use as the threshold of the bid, so we suggest that the solar street lamps, the more difficult the more complex, the better, in general, the party a's because don't understand technology, so I need some enterprises to participate in the setting of technical aspects, if as the technical aspects of the guest, and party a's money is very abundant, and party a shall bear the responsibility to promote the development of new technology, we suggest using the latest technology, such as our current technical difficulties more thin film solar cells, solar street lamp, as well as some solar street lamp intelligent control system, and so on. These solar street light not only on technology to new technology, and technical difficulties very much, if the company is confident in the technology, and technology is more than the counterpart a lot, you can suggest the guest to use such technology, on the other hand, if you as a customer, in this new technology, should find powerful manufacturers, because of these new technologies are not yet common, many small factory not sure about the technology above note also, easy to cause performance instability phenomenon.
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