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Solar street lighting effect how?

by:SRS     2021-02-22
Solar street lighting effect how? Solar street light some people say, some people say that is not good, say good, mainly because of the solar energy street lamp installation is very convenient, and special savings, relative to ordinary street lamp, there is almost no electricity costs. Said bad solar street lamps, mainly because of the brightness of the solar street light is not high, and lights out at night time and early, as for the solar street light is good, we aside, single is solar energy street lamp lighting effect, we have to make objective analysis. 1, brightness is not low, some say the brightness of the solar street light is too low, it is relative to the city street lamp, solar actually luminance brightness, generally in more than 30 watt LED, brightness is equivalent to the brightness of the incandescent bulbs above 100 watts, equivalent to no street lamp, the brightness is enough to see all the things on the road, so, generally 30 watts of solar street light, became the most people's choice, and generally reflect the good. 2, good light solar street lamps use LED as light source, light color is white, part of the heavy fog area will use warm yellow light color, not only visual feeling good, and good color rendering, faint light small, very comfortable. Solar street light most of the rural areas in China has brought an unprecedented role, because of the solar street light, many originally in China is impossible or difficult to install street lamp, also installed solar street lamp, on rural road lighting, has made a great contribution! Though the solar street light, to a certain extent, did not reach grid lamp brightness and illumination time length, but objectively speaking, the brightness of the solar street light has been very adequate, and reduce a lot of traffic accidents, reduce the risk of the road, to reduce the crime, a benign development of the society has made a great contribution!
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