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Solar street light winter maintenance requirements

by:SRS     2020-07-05

Today follow the solar street lamp factory to know about the solar street light winter maintenance requirements.Main attention has solar panels absorb solar street lamp light intensity decreases, directly affect the use of the system. So when choosing the solar street light, we will be tailored for the customer details the use of solar panels in the winter, increase the power of solar panels. And solar street light winter maintenance is solar battery. Solar batteries are maintenance-free lead-acid maintenance-free battery or gel battery, because of the low temperature in winter, the effective charge capacity of lead-acid battery will be reduced 20%, colloidal battery capacity will reduce 10%, so in order to avoid using lighting in the winter time, so when choosing the battery part to increase the capacity.Winter maintenance solar street lamps mainly pay attention to the solar battery don't cold, to set up the reasonable foundation pit, don't be too shallow, ensure the battery constant temperature. Like hebei solar street light, solar street light about ground pit in tianjin to 50 cm, solar street lamp, shanxi shanxi ground pit is 80 centimeters commonly solar street lamp, northeast Inner Mongolia solar street light, solar street light more than 1 m deep. 
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