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Solar street light time switch how to do

by:SRS     2020-06-22

For solar street lamp on the pedestrian lit up the road, it is able to perceive the arrival of the dawn light up, also can sense light and calm, at the beginning of the day this time, all because of the core control device controls the following manufacturer for solar street lamp we introduce in principle: distance solar street lamps factory, usually according to customer's requirement has set a good working time, solar street light and the closed time, is by the street light control device of choice. Manipulation of the device are mostly installed in the lamp door inside, now produce lithium electricity storage control integrative machine is installed in the bottom of the solar panels. Control scheduling break up dynamic scheduling and scheduling, remote control to manual scheduling of external operation buttons, however, most of the remote control scheduling, in the market now this kind of control device to adjust the work time, must be equipped with remote control. 
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