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Solar street light the matters needing attention in the process of installation

by:SRS     2020-06-22
1, a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the solar street lamps, light source, light pole, in view of the actual and the reference standard of lighting, road in combination with the budget of the investment, rationally choose solar lamps, light source, light pole, in order to give full play to the light source of high efficiency and energy saving, solar lamps and lanterns of light distribution, accessories combination advantage. 2, under the condition of light performance guarantee, appropriately increase the spacing of lamps and lanterns, solar street lamps to save the number of lamps and lanterns; Raise the solar street light light pole height, to improve the lighting effects; As far as possible in the middle of the road space with cloth rod, to save the engineering cost. 3, road engineering, timely intervention pole selection, basic construction and embedded in advance, in order to find problems in time, reasonable changes to ensure the quality, save investment. 4, according to the actual situation of the project site and geological solar street lamps, design and production of solar energy street lamp lighting and light, basis, guarantee the foundation is firm and reliable. Special attention should be paid to the embedded bolt and bar hole adapter, accurate positioning, embedded length and the length of stay outside is reasonable, the threaded portion shall be properly protected, to facilitate hoisting position. 5, the rocks, the wind fossils, scattered grounding and staging to meet the requirements, can be considered according to the design requirements of conductor long connection, such as galvanized flat steel connection can rely on, to the appropriate protective treatment at the same time, and a reliable connection, and the embedded foundation guarantee every light pole and reliable connection. Light is scattered in the solar street lamps, relies mainly on the basis of grounding, when necessary to use the drag reduction agent, reduce the grounding resistance. 6, hoisting homework to strictly abide by the operation procedures. Special attention to the power grid the hoisting equipment around the circuit and other circuit, and surrounding structures, hoisting and lifting point to reasonable, after positioning to adjust in a timely manner. 7, note after installing solar street lamps light pole is beautiful. Starting from the foundation construction, the lamp will be subject to the mainline control good linearity, and reasonably according to the road design linear change, light pole straight, processing of weld and repair the mouth to avoid the line direction, and consistent across the board. Light pole cantilever Angle to keep the direction and Angle coordinate. 8, solar street light fittings inside the lamp plug thing to tight, stuck, avoid the wind set loose and poor contact and cause failure. and lanterns and light pole, light pole and reliable fixed cantilever. in the light, each section bar to set in place, lifting and lamps and lanterns to reliable fixation, lifting system is safe and reliable, lifting, spacing, orientation, and other functions to complete. Working principle of solar street lamp system working principle is simple, using the light born v effect principle made of solar cells, solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and translated into electricity output, after stored in the storage battery charging and discharging controller, the night when the intensity of illumination is gradually reduced to about 10 lux, solar panels open circuit voltage is 4. Around 5 v, charge and discharge controller to detect the voltage value of the action, the battery to discharge lamp holder. Battery discharge 8. After 5 hours, charge and discharge controller action, battery discharge end. Main function is to protect the storage battery charging and discharging controller.
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