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Solar street light the details of the connection mode?

by:SRS     2020-06-17

solar street light connection mode need to know what details? factory is introduced, and the main content is as follows:  1. Across the electrodes of solar street lamps light source, respectively to the controller, pay attention to is the cathode can't meet the, after connected with waterproof tape wrapped.  2. Battery positive and solar panels to solar street lamp of the positive to the controller of the first red line, wrapped with waterproof tape. 3. Will be negative receiving controller negative terminals of the battery, wrapped with waterproof tape. At this point, the controller of free lit up, wait a minute or so, the discharge lamp lighting, the discharge indicator light will light up.  4. light lit up, take panels of the cathode, wrapped with waterproof tape. In five minutes, the light will automatically extinguish, controller into the charging status.
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