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Solar street light system can ensure wet weather more than 15 days to work normally

by:SRS     2021-02-10
Solar street light is a crystalline silicon solar battery power supply, valve control type sealed and maintenance-free battery ( Gel battery) Store electricity, super bright LED as light source, lamps and lanterns and controlled by the intelligent charging and discharging controller, is used to instead of the traditional public power lighting lamps. No laying of cables, without ac power supply, do not produce electricity; Use dc power supply, photosensitive control; Has a good stability, long service life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy conservation, environmental protection, economic and practical advantages. Main and second road can be widely used in city, community, factories, tourist attractions, parks and other places. Product components light pole structure: steel light pole and bracket, surface coating processing, brick, anti-theft screw is used to connect panels. Solar street light system can ensure wet weather more than 15 days work! Its system is made up of LED light source ( Including the driver) , solar panels, battery, Including the battery insulation box) , solar street light controller, street lamp light pole ( Including the base) Stage accessories wire, etc. A few parts. Solar energy battery components generally choose monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell components; High power LED light source is generally selected LED lamp holder; Controller is usually placed in a light pole, relating to, the control, overcharge, discharge protection and reverse connect protection, more quality controller has four seasons adjust the lighting time, half power, intelligent charge and discharge functions, etc. ; General underground or battery will have special battery incubator, can use valve control type lead acid battery, gel battery, iron and aluminum battery or lithium battery, etc. Solar energy lamps and lanterns is automatic work, don't need to dig a trench wiring, but need light pole device in embedded parts ( Concrete base) On. In addition to the above products, the company also supplies have solar led street light manufacturer, scenery complementary street lamps, and other products, our company has the practical technology, with '*' * * operations team, to create on the premise that the user experience for your service, the service of the supreme good to beauty is our endless pursuit. Because of the people-based, so trustworthy; And * * professional, trustworthy. The above information is for reference only. For details, please contact related staff to answer you.
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