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Solar street light suddenly dawn what reason be?

by:SRS     2021-01-27
Solar solar street light suddenly dawn what reason be? Over the years, we summarized the many causes of solar solar street light is not bright, with everyone under the analysis here is what reason and ruled out. Solar street light is not bright reason mainly has: 1, 2, 3 light source, solar panels controller 4, battery 5, line 6, the outside light out way: first, check for the outside world illuminant to solar panels, if you have can be ruled out in time, or put solar solar street lamp lighting mode to the second, the electric door position measuring voltage of solar panels, if the voltage at 15 Or is 30 - between 18 v Among 36 volts, which indicates that solar panels is normal, or solar panels are damaged or lines, can be ruled out. Again, check the battery voltage, battery voltage in 12 - 15 v or 24 - Between 30 v is normal, if not normal battery voltage, can use the charger for battery, if you can rush in normal light, solar street lamps later but not bright again after a period of time, that solar panels to power is not enough, need to replace a larger solar panels. Again, check the controller, replace the new controller to test, if the new controller using after work, so most of the controller is damaged finally, check the light source, the battery is directly to the light source is negative, negative if the normal light there is no problem, if not normal light damage, need further examination is a cause or a lamp bead light source of the power cause or reason. Above points, the basic rule out all the problems, solar street lamps have been able to as long as according to the operation process, check out the problem is very simple solar street lamps, can't you see if you have any questions, can contact the solar street lamps factory consultation.
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