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Solar street light prices will have what difference?

by:SRS     2020-04-19

Now is an important representative of the application of solar energy, it is implemented by many conditions, including the characteristics of limit so light, limits the height of the light after the limit, limit the way the installation of solar modules, as well as the limitation of environmental conditions, etc. , as a stand-alone photovoltaic solar street lamp, solar street light price has its own advantages, this paper briefly introduces the solar street lamp design and use of some of the problems and solutions. According to the present economic condition assessment, carried out in the economic analysis of solar light pole investment, through compared with the ordinary lamp replacement of energy method, the led solar street lamp and return the dynamic cycle of net present value is calculated, which provides a set of method, is applied to the analysis of technical feasibility, and economic for the application of solar street lamps, as a new tool for urban energy saving lighting, solar street lights are widely used in lighting system, and the application mode is the key of lighting energy saving. Suggestions in urban lighting, solar street light and ac power systems connected to the network, with solar street light price analysis shows that the model can effectively save the economic resources, ensure the reliability of city lighting, improve the reliability of urban power network, seasonal solar photovoltaic cell aging failure mechanism is complex, fault mode is influenced by many factors, there are many technology affect the cost and the using effect of the problem, based on the result the paper analyses the characteristics of the discharge of battery charge. Use the light of the battery management circuit, it not only ensures that the photovoltaic lighting and reliable performance, adaptive solar power system for a long time, fully meet the load demand for energy, but also save investment, in order to obtain the best economic benefit, extend battery life, reduce the product cost, improve the system reliability, explain the basic principle of solar street lamps, because clean and pollution-free solar street lamps, so the price for solar street lamps, solar will therefore get more extensive application. Controller main components of solar battery, such as battery energy storage and power scientific choice of rechargeable lights, proper design and proper installation, and has higher cost performance than ordinary street lamps, without complex and expensive pipeline, the design of lamps and lanterns can be arbitrary adjustment, and in determining the method for the optimum system configuration of solar street light. So when to understand specific maintenance method, to understanding of led solar street lamp factory, it is very important. Yangzhou glow electric technology co. , LTD, independent research and development production of solar street light. Welcome customers to come to consult.
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