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Solar street light prices are influenced by what factors

by:SRS     2020-07-09

Since solar street light, solar street light price problem has become a focus of the attention by people. What about the price of solar street light, what elements the choice?  1. The cost of solar panels, the cost of the panels is relatively high, on the base of a solar panels cost will cost half of the total solar street light. Now each manufacturer are with different skills to be dropped this aspect of the capital, but so far there's still no good way to appear, if want to our solar street light penetration can be higher, trust treatment the problem can be perfect.2. The cost of the solar led street light ,this cost is not high, but compared to some general lamps and lanterns, the LED lamps and lanterns is relatively slant is still valuable, so we rarely use this kind of lamp in average household.  3. The cost of the battery , battery can also account for about one-third of the whole street lamp cost, main battery and owe good is a direct impact on the length of the lighting time. So we must have to choose the quality when choosing solar street light is good battery.  4. The overall support of capital and the cost of device. Which on the one hand, the cost is the demand for users based on their own practice to confirm the device address. 
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