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Solar street light power to solve the energy crisis

by:SRS     2020-07-04

The emergence of energy crisis to panic all over the world, so how to solve this situation? Experts pointed out that the current global energy, all aspects of the energy development and are in full swing, in the future on the road, is certainly will appear new sources of energy, such as solar street light there is a way of using new energy, and so the most important thing is to solve the energy crisis, namely, saving energy, improving energy efficiency is the primary premise.It is very important to save energy, like usual residents of coal, the energy is very difficult to achieve. So to save energy can very good reduce energy losses, such ability to use useful energy in the right place, the energy crisis could be eased. Now the popularity of the solar street light is proved that the government's emphasis on new energy! Relative to saving, improving energy efficiency is the task of scientific research personnel, professional department either for energy such as coal or electricity, one thing to consider is the best; The current survey data, the use of various energy all have varying degrees of loss, if we can improve energy efficiency, thus can reduce the loss, and to get more greatly ease the energy crisis. And the emergence of new energy products such as Beijing solar street lamp, also to solve the energy problem in our country provides a good premise! 
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