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Solar street light pole and lamps and lanterns joint how to maintain

by:SRS     2020-05-30

Light pole and lamps and lanterns is an important part of the solar street lamps, also need to pay special attention to daily maintenance of the solar street lamps, solar street light panels maintenance generally need professional workers to complete, but the lamps and lanterns and plunger, the connection of the daily maintenance of ordinary workers can be done separately, so this need professional manufacturer of solar street light technology maintenance what are the main points of the need to pay attention to? First to see if there are any more mechanical joint wreck a  light pole and the joint of lamps and lanterns because not integrally cast so on interfaces with related tools for fixed vault. But metal under the trial of long time especially in the long time of wind turbulence effect produces mechanical wreck. So top to check whether there was a mechanical connection of wreck a light pole and lamps and lanterns is the key to the routine maintenance, regular maintenance to avoid mechanical wreck a produce the lamps and lanterns of drop may. The second joint line aging circuit long time exposure can produce aging, this is no power line can avoid. So the lines between lamps and lanterns of daily maintenance of medium dry aging problem is also the key point. Only strengthen the daily maintenance to reduce the failure rate of solar street lamps, to ensure the normal work of the solar street light. The last check the seal of the connection of  due to long time exposed to the external environment, led solar street lamp need to watch the rain enters the short circuit problem, so the light pole and connection of lamps and lanterns of sealing problem is also the main points of the daily maintenance. The above points are led solar street lamp lighting and lamps and lanterns joint maintenance need to be aware of, for both construction and maintenance workers should pay attention to the key parts of the solar street light, the position is not only the solar street light the focus of some problems in the installation and maintenance. 
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