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Solar street light pole and lamps and lanterns assembly considerations

by:SRS     2020-05-31

Mainly consists of solar modules, led solar street lamp controller, storage battery, LED light source. Light pole and structure, etc.  1, install lamp arm. With thin wire under a streetlight exposed sheath lines end tied tightly with the black tape bound up; The other end of the wire through the lamp arm components; At the top of the components of the lamp arm slowly smoked pull wire, make fine lead sheathed wire line through the lamp arm components, components gradually close to the light pole under the arms at the same time, until the lights on the panel and the light pole arm convex table lamp arm alignment, tight, then use appropriate bolt fastening components on the light pole under the arms. Fixed lamp arm component, avoid light arm components caused sheathed extrusion sheath line lines skin damaged or cut off. Disconnect the wires connected to the sheath line. 2, install lamps and lanterns ( With internal light source) . Check light specification, type, quantity, meets the design requirements, if not, should be replaced immediately transferred goods. Light source lamp lampshade assembly, threading, connection, ensure the positive and negative connection is correct, test whether light source and the circuit has a problem, there is one problem should find out the reason and solve in time, will open the lamps and lanterns is close to the upper arms, exposed sheath line from the tail lamps and lanterns into the lamps and lanterns. Pull the sheath line, at the same time insert lamps and lanterns, lamp arm the overlap length is 150 mm. To stop the sheath line inside the lamps and lanterns of terminal blocks, wiring to ensure that when the positive and negative connection is correct. Verify the light source and whether the line has a problem, there is one problem should find out the reason and solve in time. Wiring diagram wiring, change the connection will not be accepted. Wire generally adopts double core sheathed copper cord, generally for the red and black two colors, red as normal level, black as the cathode. Wire core as the other two colors, dark as the cathode, another level as is. The light lead wire into the battery electrodes on both ends, the light is on behalf of the circuit is normal, no light, there's a bug in the loop, should be timely troubleshooting. Pay attention to the positive and negative, don't answer the voltage level to match each other. If no problem for the next step operation, otherwise the test circuit connection is correct, as well as the light source is damaged, until it is correct. Centered on the lamp arm to the lamps and lanterns, making chimney is moving in the ground, and then with a fixed on the lamp arm. Lamps and lanterns is installed later before hoisting, again with a battery test, to see if the lamps and lanterns to light, avoid lifting after the completion of the troubleshooting, increase the maintenance cost. Upper and lower light pole assembly components ( The lampposts components and the component, lamp light pole arm fixed structure components, solar battery components. Light pole under the lampposts components, components, solar battery components Angle fixed frame and components such as lamp arm after disassembling inspection one by one, no scratches, fall behind the paint can be assembled. According to the solar LED street lamp assembly structure diagram, secure the Angle of the solar cell component box connected to lampposts. Threaded connection parts to force uniform, In the bracket and Angle steel box at the same time, the use of fine wire the sheathed wire from the light pole after stent components to Angle steel waste. Placed solar energy battery components guard in Angle steel box, and then place the solar battery components on the plate. Put solar battery components, junction box are in high places. When the solar battery components placed horizontally, junction box should be close to the distance light pole components. Portion of solar energy street light light pole in connection with the solar cell component Angle is required for a fixed sheath line, pay attention to the case when threading line is not damaged. Solar cells of cable should be in accordance with the provisions, wear to the solar panel bracket, wear good hit glass after glass glue, to ensure that the rain will remain, and adjust the direction of the solar energy battery components and Angle. 
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