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Solar street light path set up in the mountains

by:SRS     2020-07-01

In the construction of public facilities, mountain road laying test circuit built lamps become the key resources of local government, a lot of mountain road, winding mountain roads because there is no cover so it is difficult to complete street lamp power supply circuit construction, but after solar street lamps factory production technology mature, mountainous area construction of street lamp is possible. 1 without power lines cover solar street light for solar power energy, so the installation does not need the cover of the power supply circuit. Solar panels absorb solar energy during the day and stored in the battery, connected at night lighting lamps and lanterns for the power supply. So without power lines cover solar street lamp, the mountainous area highway to be set up lights.2 lights out timing automatically turn on the light, every solar street lamp have a integrated circuit board, the setup program for timing lights to turn off the lights, the program Settings can be adjusted according to different season sunset time, manual control, each separate solar street lamp, as long as the construction personnel pay attention to the connection method and installation of solar panels, even if the occasional street lamp circuit damage will not affect other normal lighting lamps. This is no circuit laid the advantages of solar street lamps. 3 maintenance interval for a long time for a long time to run automatically.The mountains frequently for street light line overhaul a very troublesome thing. But each separate solar street lamps, which makes even occasionally solar street light failure will not affect other street lamp lighting, thereby extended the solar street lights maintenance interval time, without the selectmen into the maintenance for street lamp trouble alone. The above advantages achievements of solar street light in mountain road covered by power lines have not been laid the feasibility, compared with the traditional street lamp, solar street lamp lights because of the particularity of its energy supply and the respective independence makes the roads in the mountains area laid is possible. 
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