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Solar street light on rainy days can how long?

by:SRS     2020-04-05

Solar street lamps factory' rainy day solar street lights can how long? Solar street light on most people pay attention to the lights on time, solar street lamps manufacturer of intelligent control, can according to the climate, light moment, battery remaining capacity, the light power of intelligent correction, maximum extension rainy day use time, can do it all night long rainy day 15 days. and general factory according to the street lamp installation area of bright sunshine and rainy days all the year round about accounting solar street light panels, power and battery capacity, can only do 3 - reserved 5 days to rainy days in succession. Century sunshine led solar street lamp manufacturer chooses three professional advanced technology, to do an rainy days three times the average solar street light. Greatly improved the inclement weather, road safety, improve the customer satisfaction, with prominent function won the outstanding professional reputation. If you want to learn more about common sense led solar street lamp, welcome consulting shenzhen century sunshine led solar street lamp manufacturer company online customer service. 
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