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Solar street light not bright lights what are common problems

by:SRS     2021-03-23
We want to know that a product may be in use for a long time there will be some problems affect the normal use of it, even if is the same as the solar street light, although longer service life of solar street lamps, but may be installed in the process of using the error, or the user purchase to inferior configuration, can affect the solar street light is not bright. Not bright lights, solar street lamps what are common problems? Solar street light the lamp light is generally not possible because of the controller problem, you can first to check whether the controller into the water, if it is not problem of the controller, the test battery voltage, the voltage is less than 10. 8 v, if not, then look at whether there is voltage panels, if there is no voltage is in panels. Not bright lights, solar street lamps may be because the solar energy system problems, it is possible that the LED light source. Solar LED street lamps and lanterns, lights bead is not complete, in addition to the quality problem of the LED light source itself, is the welding problem, should be timely change of no lights or the lights bead weld or more directly replace lamp holder.
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