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Solar street light LED chip which is really good?

by:SRS     2021-02-21
Solar street light LED chip which is really good? LED chip is the most important part of the solar street light sources, all parts of the whole solar street light are ultimately provide service for LED chip light, so the LED chip quality directly determines the final conversion efficiency of solar street lamps and economic performance, so solar street light LED chip which is really good? Our common on the market of LED chips are imported LED chip and domestic LED chips, imported to puri, Cree LED chip, homebred represented by Taiwan wafer. Pury LED chips, the price is not high, good lighting, is one of the giants of the LED chip, and numerous solar street lamp manufacturers prefer to use a kind of efficient economic LED chip. Cree LED chip: Cree LED is a kind of high-grade LED chip, the biggest characteristic is the light is downy, good color rendering, high brightness, but the price is higher than pury nearly twice as much. Wafer: wafer is recognized as a good one of domestic chip with high photosynthetic efficiency, low price, long life, good stability characteristics, performance and actual life but slightly lower than pury, more than the grade of the career, so that higher requirements for solar street light is generally not as a selected object. According to statistics, in the solar street lamps use pury chip utilization rate is above 60%, Cree at 20%, wafer in 10%, other products at 10%, it can be seen that pury with the advantage of price and performance won the broad masses and solar street light manufacturer.
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