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Solar street light is really reliable?

by:SRS     2021-02-10
Solar street light is really reliable? The current domestic market perceptions of solar street light is polarized, some areas are very believe solar street lamp, some areas don't believe in solar street lamp, specially for solar street light entering the market, has formed the impression on them, some area of people think that solar street light are very reliable, in some areas people think solar street light is not very reliable, so, from the perspective of solar street lamps factory, are not reliable solar street light? Fortunately, we start in a influential companies do business in the industry, the production of solar street light quality is very stable, normal replacement battery service life can reach 6 - for the first time Every 6 to 8 years, Eight years to replace a battery, and the overall service life can reach more than 30 years. From just do business for almost ten years now, our street lights happened there is no so-called the quality problem of large area, but on the press and news often see this kind of news, and peer party, didn't know the truth. Many manufacturers in order to get the order, constantly to do the price is low, most customers will choose the enterprise cooperation, low price, of course, but the price is low, according to the previous configuration, sure enough, just need to find a way to cut corners, virtual model. Another to see what did he do business good, will continue to follow, your price is low, my lower, let's spell the price, so more manufacturers to join to the team of the price, finally, has formed the vicious competition of the market. So, in some places to install solar street light will be a problem, the local people haven't seen before because solar street light, so will be subjectively think solar street light quality is bad, can't use. Fortunately, our md early famous solar street lamps, a group of very loyal customer support, we will be able to insist on his own style, always with high quality in the production of our lamps, at the same time, is because of our persistence, make our customers with very strong competitiveness in the market, will be bigger, so as long as it is our customers to install street lamp, in the local reputation is very good.
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