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Solar street light is also need to grasp the matters needing attention

by:SRS     2021-03-20
Solar street light is also need to know the matters needing attention with the development of road construction, more and more people like to focus on solar street light, but also pay attention to the important role of it brings, perhaps you don't know its huge role, but actually it is not allow to ignore, and if used effectively, you are able to prolong the life time of the solar street light, so this will be our master considerations, believe that this is a piece of cake for you. To know to pay attention to it is to pay attention to the installation of solar street lamps, so that our economic development is guaranteed, but also prolongs service life. When threading is also must pay attention to the wire clamp can not be in the joint of light pole, and to every joint of the wire with a special adhesive tape winding, this will ensure no leakage, to ensure the safety of protection. When in use, will ensure that solar street light can absorb solar radiation as much as possible, then can guarantee the time light, it is in this case we'll have lots of experience, but also can protect the solar street light.
why solar street light with colloidal battery than lithium batteries Ann more hours?
why solar street light with colloidal battery than lithium batteries Ann more hours? In configuring the battery solar street lamps, there are generally two kinds of choices, one is a colloid storage battery, one is a lead-acid battery, for example, 6 meters of solar street light, 30 watts of light source, the installation location is in Inner Mongolia, rizhao peak is 5. 8, lighting 6 hours a day, rainy day three to four days, according to the calculated values and experience, we calculate the need of battery, if it is colloidal battery 80 ah, if it is 35 ah lithium batteries. You will find that lithium battery and gel battery calculation value is completely different, lithium battery needs only less than half of colloidal battery capacity, this is what reason is caused? Here is the main reason is that the depth of the gel battery and lithium battery discharge, the discharge depth of gel battery only less than half of the lithium battery, therefore, under the same load, colloidal battery capacity, is much larger than the lithium battery requirements.
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