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Solar street light installation design knowledge

by:SRS     2021-06-17
Everyone knows that solar street light have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, but the biggest feature is that they have the advantage of convenient installation compared to general lighting street lights, mainly in the following points.  1. Battery module bracket design   The battery module bracket adopts an inclination angle design, which is to ensure that the solar cell module receives as much solar radiation as possible in the process of receiving solar radiation. Therefore, the optimal inclination angle is designed for the solar cell module. However, the angle of solar radiation is different in different regions, so the designed inclination angle is different.  2, wind-resistant design   In the solar street light, the most important structural design is to ensure that it can resist strong winds. In the design, it mainly involves two parts, one is the wind resistance design of the solar solar street lamp bracket, and the other is the wind resistance design of the light pole.  In the wind-resistant design of the solar street lamp bracket, according to the technical parameters provided by the manufacturer, the solar module is designed to withstand strong winds of 2700Pa. If the wind resistance coefficient is determined to 27m/s, its structural strength can resist the strong wind equivalent to a tenth typhoon. In the actual test, the battery components can withstand wind pressure of 365Pa. In other words, the solar solar street lamp assembly can withstand the wind force of 27m/s, and the solar street lamp will not be damaged at this wind speed. Moreover, the design of the battery assembly bracket and the light pole connection is the focus of wind resistance considerations. The bracket and the light pole connection design In the case, the bolt rod is used for strengthening and fixing the connection.  3, light pole design    basic parameters of solar street light: during installation, the inclination of the solar panels is generally A u003d 16o, and the height of the light pole is u003d 5 meters. When designing, people can choose the welding seam width δ u003d 4mm at the bottom of the light pole. And the outer diameter under the light pole u003d 168 mm light pole.   The resistance moment of the failure surface of the light pole W is calculated from the point P to the line of action of the light pole under the load F from the battery plate. The calculation formula is: PQ u003d [5000+(168+6)/tan16o]× Sin16o u003d 1545 mmu003d1, 545 meters. Therefore, it can be said that the moment of wind load on the failure surface of the light pole is M u003d F×1, 545.  It can be said that in the process of designing and installing solar solar street light, it must uphold scientific design concepts and installation methods, so that the energy efficiency of solar street lights can be maximized.
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