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Solar street light heat dissipation function to effectively control

by:SRS     2020-12-11

with the growing shortage of energy in China, people begin to study and research and development of the sun, which is the new energy has developed the led solar street light, this new type of energy do not need to waste the existing energy, only need to use during the day the solar panels to convert light energy into electrical energy stored in the battery through the controller system, in the evening by the controller to the electrical energy in the battery to the led light source can provide lighting, but its heat treatment is bad will affect the usage.

led solar street light heat treatment is more sensitive to temperature, need to deal with the audit radiator, in theory USES the aluminum radiator material is more appropriate, aluminium and is divided into fragmented car aluminum, aluminum, cast aluminum. Then there is the radiator and the light source, aluminum plate, aluminum shell contact between each other, will directly affect the conduction and thermal effect of the led chip.

solar street light emitting heat belongs to the small scale of concentrated heat, application in high power lamps, power input power is big also, LED the interface temperature is quite high, so the LED solar street light under the steady work for a long time, if the cooling module can't be effective heat dissipation, will affect the service life of LED solar street lamps, and its lighting effect.

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