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Solar street light good or bad how to distinguish

by:SRS     2020-06-27

On the market sell streetlights sort is more, the price will be different. A lot of street light the price wants relatively a few benefits, but for consumers, at the time of purchase, also should be to understand specific discrimination method. Because many criminals, can use some low quality raw materials, processing production, the production of street lamp is no guarantee quality. So when to buy solar street lamp, to distinguish good or bad situation, it is very important. Take a look at yangzhou new rural solar street lamp factory is introduced. The first, they should know about parts, parts of specific types are relatively more. Mainly include the panels, solar battery, solar controller, light source, etc.  The corresponding parts. So when to select solar cells, also should be the material of light panels, color difference, the charging current and open circuit voltage, considering factors such as conversion efficiency. In the choice of battery, should be on specific types, such as discharge rate, the working environment to understand. Of course in the controller to choose, also should know about waterproof performance.The second, when to choose, of course, you should also want to know about the matching of specific. Many manufacturers, produced products, in the lighting, the corresponding stability, is not so strong, the main reason is to match the corresponding problems. Matching performance, is one of the important indicators, therefore to understand the performance of the corresponding matching, it is very important. At the same time to identify the solar street light good or bad, you should also want to know something about the specific environment. Because of the different climate, when the choice, the corresponding material requirements, nature will be different. 
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