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Solar street light dust, how to do

by:SRS     2020-06-26

solar street light dust what are the requirements? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: 1. must be clean, must be regularly clean, because solar garden light often exposed to outdoor, experienced wind and rain weather, so we will have more ordinary solar street light work dustproof effect, regularly with a damp cloth to wipe dirt, can keep the light pole neat and clean like new. When cleaning should pay attention to wipe in one direction, strength, to maintain moderate, be gentle to vulnerable parts.  2. Solar street light lamp ACTS can clean the inside, and in some cases, we will clean the bulb. ?How to do a good job of form a complete set of solar street lamps. if you want to let the news marketing effect, solar street lamps factory vigorously promote brand awareness, enhance brand influence and promote the terminal sales, it is necessary in the news of tension and imagination, event point and dynamic advance, product information and activity information, terminal marketing promotion news to borrow four link to do it. In the manufacturer of solar street light industry news marketing strategy, should adhere to such a route: give full play to the enterprise resources, through product knowledge of technical knowledge, solar street lamp, solar street lamp manufacturers to buy common sense, knowledge, and the trend, trend and building materials knowledge spread to satisfy consumers' curiosity, to inspire the potential demand, forms the enterprise, products, and the interaction between brand and consumer demand, solar street lamp manufacturer to establish good relationship with customers, both boost sales, and brings good social value, to spread knowledge of new technologies and new products, new life. 
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