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Solar street light dust and wind do

by:SRS     2020-05-16

Dust and wind led solar street lamp what method is there? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: < p > a dustproof, solar street light according to illuminated place moving air pollution degree, ash content, investment cost and maintenance condition of reasonable choice of lamps and lanterns of dust-proof waterproof level. Otherwise the lamps and lanterns of a simple and feasible dustproof design, is the contact between the lamp and lamp holder parts with a waterproof breathable strip. Waterproof breathable strip is a kind of can breathe freely, but not waterproof material, natural rubber and reclaimed rubber is used to ensure the use fixed number of year. In addition, the use of lamps and lanterns of the ballast, trigger, light bulbs and other parts will generate heat, therefore, the choice to give priority to toughened glass lampshade material, in the past most using acrylic or synthetic plastic materials of chimney, use a few years later will appear the phenomenon of ageing, lampshade cause poor pervious to light lamps and lanterns, which affects the brightness of the lamp, and within the dust, high temperature can't clean up after, need to replace the lamp shade or the lamps and lanterns can satisfy the use requirement, there is no doubt that increases the maintenance costs.In the solar street light lamp holder screw o-ring seal, prevent the dust from the lamp holder into the chimney, is also one aspect of the dust of lamps and lanterns. 2, solar street light wind 1, the basis of :street lamp base as a street light project take cover engineering, wind and safe use of the whole street is also very important part. First of all, should choose to C20 concrete pouring, the selection of anchor bolt according to the height of the light pole, 8 m light pole to choose & Phi; 20 bolt length is 1100 mm, base depth 1200 mm; 10 m light pole to select 22 bolt, the length is 1200 mm, base depth 1300 mm; 12 m light pole to choose & Phi; 22 bolt length is 1300 mm, base depth 1400 mm; Base, lower than the upper size is beneficial to the stability of the foundation, enhance the wind resistance. All in all, as the lights in the role of urban road in gradually improve, the road lighting should not only satisfy the use requirement and improve the taste of the city and more safe and reliable, durable, provide a good travel and living environment for people, create the social benefits, save maintenance cost.  2, lamps and lanterns  as an important part of street lamp, the quality and open means of lamps and lanterns is very important, the material must be aluminum casting alloy, thickness to meet the requirements, do not allow the lamp body has cracks, holes, parts, joint should have good contact card buckle is the top priority, the lamps and lanterns of previous because of card buckle design is not reasonable, causing damage every time after the wind has a large number of lamps and lanterns, therefore, to use spring card buckle on lamps and lanterns, install two best, lamps and lanterns of open the upper straight away, and ballasts and other important components are fixed on the lamp body, prevent damage of chimney, parts fall off cause safety accidents.
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