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Solar street light container loading calculation method

by:SRS     2021-01-27
Container loading quantity of the calculation of solar street lamp in the foreign trade export, solar street light packing volume calculation is one of the most complex products, the general factory is loading quantity is calculated according to experience, but for inexperienced solar street lamps factory, is more difficult, because the general domestic loading calculation, is not suitable for container, general sale in domestic market of the car is open type, simple loading, volume elasticity is larger, so, container loading should be how to calculate the solar street lamps? Introduced two simpler method: 1, the experience for reference according to the usual installation experience, according to the size of the container to compare domestic vehicle volume, and then according to the corresponding proportion to calculate, because the container is closed, loading, will leave a certain space, so calculating the volume decreased by 5% is reasonable. 2, stacking method of solar street light is the most difficult to calculate solar street light and solar light pole bracket, these parts can be stacked together, to the overall volume 3, geometry calculation method of the shape of the light pole is conical rod, a flange in the calculation of loading, usually with geometry algorithm is given priority to, specific calculation formula: light pole size: V = ( W - D2/2) * W * L, which is suitable for light pole volume V W as the flange side D2 as the light pole height of other parts of the aperture diameter L under the conditions of the volume, relatively simple some, including the solar stent size is more complex, can be calculated according to the experience.

landscape lamp light source color temperature problem landscape lamp light source color temperature problem with the continuous development of science and technology, human with eye level is higher and higher. Street lamps, even all kinds of mobile phone screen film are beginning to use blue screen, in order to protect people's eyes, and landscape lamp as a night to pedestrian street lamp lighting, it is the color of the light source is also very important. If the landscape is the color of the light source is too dazzling, the damage to the eyes of the pedestrian is very big. The highest utilization rate and now the two landscape light source color is white and yellow, because these two colors are better able to adapt to people's attention. For ordinary road, white light is better, after all, white light is a little more conspicuous than yellow, more according to clear the road. But compared to the nanometer light yellow, white light on people's eyes hurt a little bit big, so for the vehicles often passes through the road near can use white lights, pedestrians are more suitable for nanometer light yellow. But still need to particular case is particular analysis, after all, landscape lamp light source color temperature, the species is very much, is not just a light yellow and white light is suitable for all of the road. Manufacturing landscape lamp manufacturer will according to the circumstance of various pavement for concrete production plan.
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