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Solar street light component of globalization how to layout

by:SRS     2020-05-22

led solar street lamp manufacturer in the global standard application layout, solar street lighting leading enterprises are solar street lighting application union standard optical components, started the solar street lighting standard optical components applied new climax. Although guangdong province in the development of solar energy street light industry aspect, have achieved good results, and accumulated some experience, but the solar street light industry development still faces many intellectual property risks and challenges. , GSC jointly LED industry leading enterprises set up  solar street lighting industry, industrial structure and energy consumption in the future play significant role in driving the shift of emerging industries, is currently in the era of big change and differentiation. In the rapid growth of price solar street lamps lighting at the same time, the domestic LED lighting industry is still faced with the lack of core technology, patent layout problem such as photoelectric talent shortage, lack of industry standards. According to the led solar street lamp factory lighting optical component of the project application promotion said, has LED lighting standard optical components used league is growing, nearly hundred members, some enterprises have solar street lighting standard optical components product to market, and received wide recognition. The brand has a strong channel advantage, market influential, with their help, will be conducive to LED lighting standard optical components to speed up the circulation in the market. Solar street light industry patent alliance, set up the solar street light industry patent database, joint scientific research talents in colleges and universities to carry out LED lighting denotation, chips, encapsulation, lighting use etc.  The key technology and common technology research and development, the implementation of enterprise - Platform - Mechanism of cooperative innovation with universities, research institutions, the realization of intellectual property rights, promote enterprise intellectual property management norms, helps enterprises intellectual property rights protection, to deal with intellectual property litigation, etc. Solar street light component wiring should pay attention to the problem? Small make up to you, led solar street lamp manufacturer main content is as follows: < p > 1. In order to prevent the street lamp power caused by long-term prolapse or pull loose terminal or fall off, solar street light component wiring place must adopt the silicone seal will street lamp wire fixed to the bracket.  2。 Make street light component line join order to avoid the emergence is negative after the short circuit phenomenon. < / p > < p > 3。 Pay special attention to during the battery connection don't touch the battery terminals and safety palladium, forbidden to battery short circuit, in order to prevent electric shock cannot touch battery is negative.  4。 In the bottom of the light pole wiring place form a complete set of seal device should be adopted or silica gel seal and pay attention to beautiful. 
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