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Solar street light charging can use a few days at a time?

by:SRS     2021-03-17
Solar street light charging can use a few days at a time? As you all know, the solar street light is rely on the energy of sunlight to work, can't work without the sun solar street light, so do in solar street lamps factory configuration, should be set at least 3 - Five days of rainy day energy capacity, when the rainy day solar street light will not be able to recharge themselves can still work normally. In general, solar street light blunt once electricity minimum working time is 3 days, if a region of the seasonal or annual rainy day more, can be extended to 4 - at this time Or 5-6 days 7 days, or even longer. And also to the requirement of solar panels to power is not necessarily a dogmatic, generally speaking is required when the weather is sunny, solar panels can be in 1. Can be filled with more than 5 days, but if a place very few rainy day, or almost no rain, so solar panels can be reduced, battery can also be reduced, which is very reasonable, and if a rainy day a lot of places, sunny day is not much, so must use enough solar panels and solar battery to absorb solar energy in sunny weather, and have enough storage capacity to lighting in rainy day.
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