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Solar street light battery is not afraid of water?

by:SRS     2021-02-07
Solar street light battery is not afraid of water? Battery installation of solar street lamps, generally is buried, buried in the battery, will be a problem, that is buried battery may be underground water, especially near the river, or the low-lying areas, the battery will be produce the phenomenon of flooded, so battery installed in the ground, not afraid of water? The answer is: the battery solar street lamps are not afraid of groundwater, reasons are as follows: 1, the waterproof box design solar street lamps in the battery is placed into the waterproof box, waterproof box of large waterproof effect, waterproof box through the design of the sealing ring, let the water will not enter into the box, and the waterproof box is to use PP plastic, has the very good ageing resistance, acid-proof alkaline, not exposed to the air, so it is difficult to aging. 2, sealing of the battery itself, solar street lamps with ordinary battery electric vehicle battery, there is a difference between battery itself is seal design of solar street lamps, is from the negative electrode wire is directly from the battery, all sealed with epoxy resin adhesive, and even if no battery using waterproof battery box, directly into the water, is also not leakage.
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