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Solar street light battery charge and discharge of how to manage

by:SRS     2020-05-27

Solar street light and solar garden light in the storage battery charging and discharging control is very important, mainly by the solar controller to control the implementation. 1, avoid transition charge high-energy battery charging current is twice that of an ordinary battery, large current charging are available, and can in the limited time in the day will be filled with battery. When battery monomer voltage reached 2. 25 v, voltage limit of 2. When 40 v, if it easy to form large current charging the battery still water loss. Therefore, require battery arrived at set of charging voltage, can automatically convert ChengJuan flow ( Small current) The control voltage precision of charging, charging for & plusmn; 0. 1V. 2, over discharge protection under the condition of different depth of discharge battery operating life spans are not the same. After the battery over deep discharging will form a permanent damage. In order to ensure the use of the storage battery become old, yea, should avoid deep discharge, when the battery voltage drops to a discharge point should be timely block load, continuous light. Discharge cut-off voltage shoulds not be too low, for single cells is about 1. 80 - 1. 85V. Battery intermittent discharge, the voltage will gradually rise, finally can arrive in 2. About 2 v. Protection circuit is action, it is necessary to ensure the battery does not automatically restore discharge before without charge from the start.  3 battery voltage, temperature compensation control point is the change with environment temperature, so the solar energy lamp system should have a reference voltage by temperature control. When the temperature of the battery in T1 = between 15 ℃ and 35 ℃ T2 = without temperature compensation, but when the temperature is not in the range demand according to the type ( 1) Determine the float charging voltage UF = UFO + ( T - T0) C type, ufos and T0 datum of voltage and temperature, respectively; C for voltage temperature coefficient. 
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