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Solar street light at night can't work normal discharge

by:SRS     2020-06-27

Solar street light in the dark without light, want to learn about this what to make of it. Here we carefully ask given the following reply: if you have installed solar street lamps, and normal use for a long time, first check the light on the controller's response, if the two indicator not one on, may be the controller has been damaged, appear this kind of reason may system by strong current shock, such as direct lightning or short circuit, and so on and so forth. If found in solar street lamp controller night light show normal discharge, check when they have enough battery voltage, but is the street lamps and lanterns is not bright, we recommend the solar street light is on the anode is connected directly to the battery negative test, if found such testing can't discharge, then the lamp driver or rectifier is likely to be damaged, suggest use the multimeter to check. Solar street lamps controller shows undervoltage state, not bright lights after dark, but the battery voltage is more than under voltage value, show the battery have electricity. 24 v system, under-voltage protection value is 22. 2V( The controller default) After around, down to the battery voltage, the controller shut off the power and stop discharging, mainly is to protect the storage battery is not affected by excessive discharge and subsequent use of the equipment. Solar street light panels during the day can give a battery charging, charging voltage only charge to 24 v, The controller default) , will continue to discharge, the main purpose of this setting is to avoid battery often period was from damage depth of discharge. Under the condition of the battery voltage, if you don't restart the solar street light controller, 22. 2 v and 24 v are under voltage between state, only the solar street light storage battery voltage is above charge to 24 v will continue to discharge. 
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