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Solar street lamps with what defeated the traditional street lamp

by:SRS     2021-03-16
Sorching summer, 40 degrees into the barbecue mode, in the face of burning sun, you may have no love, but when the sun, you sat in the crazy absorb solar energy during the day under the streetlights gnaw melon, you will find that solar energy is not better, but really is very strong. With the development of science and technology, widely use of solar street lamps, once by the market. Why once listed can traditional street lamp, solar street lamps of this and what is secret? What is the working principle of solar street light? Sunlight as the energy solar street lamps, solar panels of sunshine during the day time for battery charging, need lighting at night when the storage battery to power a light source is used, first of all, without complex and expensive pipeline installation, can be arbitrary adjust the layout of the lamps and lanterns, secondly energy-saving pollution-free, without manual operation is stable and reliable work, saving electricity maintenance free. What is the distinguishing feature of solar street light? 1, energy saving, it use natural light, without electricity, and abundant use of endless; 2, environmental protection, comply with the requirement of green environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation, protect the ecological; 3,, due to the product without the use of alternating current, and USES the accumulator absorb solar energy, through the low voltage direct current (dc) is converted into light energy, is the power of the *; 4, high technology content, the product at the core of the device is intelligent controller, setting of self-control, control switch device according to * * 24 hours of sky brightness and the brightness of the automatic adjustment is needed in various environment; 5, long service life of the product, the installation of low cost, convenient maintenance, accessories are all international brands, intelligent design, reliable in quality. 6, installation is simple, does not require wiring or digging 'gut break belly' construction, there is no electricity power brownouts. 7, high grade, science and technology products, green energy, use the unit attaches great importance to science and technology, green image enhance, upgrades. 8, less investment, one-time investment and alternating current (ac) equivalent ( Alternating current (ac) investment from the substation, into electricity, control box, cable, engineering and other combined) , an investment, long-term benefit. Solar street light compared with traditional street lamp specific comparative analysis: a mains lighting lamp installation complex: in the mains lighting lamps project has a complex operating procedure, the first thing to laying cable, here will provide the cable trench excavation, laying of drainage tubes, pipe threading, such as large backfill foundation engineering. Then for a long time of installation and debugging, such as any line has a problem, to large area of rework. And complex topography and wiring required, artificial and auxiliary material costs are high. Solar energy lamp installation is simple: when install solar street lamps, without laying a complex circuit, as long as do a cement base, and then use stainless steel screws. High contrast two mains lighting lamps electricity: fixed mains lighting lamps work high electricity, to long-term continuous lines and other configuration for maintenance or replacement, maintenance costs increasing year by year. Solar road lamps and lanterns from electricity: solar street light is a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, three years to pay back your investment, long-term benefit. Comparing three mains lighting lamps have hidden danger: mains lighting lamps in the construction quality, landscape engineering modification, material aging, power supply is not normal, the hidden safety trouble, gas pipe conflict, etc. Solar street light no hazard: solar street light is very low products, reliable operation. The other advantages of solar street lamps: green environmental protection, can the noble ecological community development and promotion of the add new selling points; Sustainable property management to reduce costs, reduce the owner's public share part of the cost. To sum up, both from economic benefits and solar street lamps from the point of environmental protection, is much better than the traditional street lamp, more in line with the requirements of the scientific outlook on development, therefore, also helps to explain why solar street lamps to the traditional street lamp.
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