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Solar street lamps why is popular all over the world in this industry?

by:SRS     2020-03-30

'solar street light industry' solar street light why is popular all over the world in this industry? Since the advent of solar street lights, replacing the old solar street lamps, are gradually spread around the world. Many dealers are also found a big market, are all start with the solar street light industry business. According to introducing, now the solar street light universal city area, not only in China also in slowly spread. So, solar street light why is popular all over the world in this industry? Do you know about the solar street lights and how much? Why the market is so hot? 1, the better for the city construction, city of lights are generally change for solar street lights, solar street light price is reasonable, used the traditional kind of street lamp installation procedure is complicated, to lay circuit, etc. , and the cost of electricity is higher, and to use the wattage larger street lamp holder, not only is dimly lit, more conducive to the light of the city.2, the price is relatively cheap led solar street lamp, energy conservation, environmental protection, the installation procedure is simple than the traditional, also don't need to be laid very complicated circuit at the same time, the price of solar energy mainly has four parts, street lamp holder of the LED lamp, street lamp light pole, panels and led solar street lamp controller. 3, now save resources of the attention all over the world, so the solar energy was invented brought great convenience to human life, and solar radiation is higher in China, because the solar energy is very rich. Solar street light price levels not neat, price two hundred yuan to one thousand yuan between, compared with traditional street lamps, the price is cheap a lot. Street lamps are not unified because in addition to its material is different, also is to choose different brand. For consumers, the brand is the guarantee of quality. After most of the solar street light as long as full of electricity can light up eight or nine hours, so choose when can according to the reference to the quality of the solar street light. When choosing lamps should consider installing sections, different roads, the environment is different also, so choose the specification is different also. Such as rural road width is less than 10 meters, most between four to six meters, so the lamp holder of wattage to according to the width of the road.4, solar street lamp principle of work: during the day under the control of the intelligent controller of solar energy street lamp, solar panels after the illuminate of sunshine, absorb the solar energy light into electrical energy, solar battery components during the day to lithium batteries, lithium battery at night to provide electricity to power a LED light source, lighting functions. Dc controller can ensure the lithium battery is not damaged due to overcharge or discharge, at the same time have the PIR when human body induction, electric, control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection function.Solar street light why is popular all over the world in this industry? The main reason is the solar street light to everyone's life has brought great convenience, will spread throughout the country, without laying of underground cables, solar street lamps need pay lighting electricity, solar garden light key components of solar panels, solar street lamp intelligent controller, maintenance-free batteries, dc lighting lamps and lanterns are photovoltaic products through the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)/GEF/world bank certification.
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