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Solar street lamps which problems need pay attention to during the installation process

by:SRS     2020-06-28

In the dark, solar street light with the us, for we lit up the road ahead, we also know that the solar street light is popularized in our country a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection lamps and lanterns, but we remember when installing solar street light some matters needing attention. Solar street lamp installation process needs to pay attention to the content: when installing the battery components to should take put down gently, it is strictly prohibited to will be short circuit or a throw the component. Power cord and junction box, light pole and threading with silicone seal components, battery components cables should be fixed firmly on the scaffold, in case the power cord caused by long-term prolapse or pull terminal is loose and fall off. When installing lamp holder and the light source to should take put down gently, ensure the pervious to light cover clean, no scratches, it is forbidden to roll and a throw. Move the battery don't touch the battery terminals and the control valve, it is forbidden to add battery short circuit or a throw. Connection when the note is negative, it is forbidden to pick up the terminal pressure welding is firm, no looseness, join order should be paid attention to at the same time, it is forbidden to make short circuit. Don't touch the sun battery components and battery + - Extremely, to prevent electric shock risk. The inverter output is high voltage power supply, touch have dangerous life! During the installation process should avoid the lamp body scratches. Lamp holder and lamp arm, lampposts components, solar battery components, such as the bolt joint connection is firm, no loose. Install solar street light battery components must be added guard. Solar street lamps light pole galvanized hole with silica gel seal, pay attention to beautiful. 
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