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Solar street lamps what are the skills of choose and buy

by:SRS     2020-05-17

When the choose and buy solar street light must first understand the region's coefficient of light, the width of the road and street lamp height information, such as these are very important. With that information can be scientific choose light pole height and the brightness of the lamp holder to fit, use the power of each time period and the region's rainy days commonly suitable with the capacity of the battery, such as selection of solar panels to power and maintenance-free battery capacity suitable for. 1, the design of the solar street light configuration panels moment caused dissatisfaction with battery power, just began to use performance is normal, but after a few rainy days, has dark light, less than a year as a whole has become a dark, see more of this kind of circumstance. Therefore, when we are in the configuration panel, the power of the selected must be appropriate. 2, solar street light configuration in the design of time if it is a small battery capacity or set of led solar street lamp controller didn't conform to the local actual situation, caused by the continuous rainy days brightness was decreased more than 3 days, will be in continuous rainy days many times more prone to problems, other times may appear to be normal, but once the local rainy days often exceeds controller Settings, will bring the battery a great burden, leading to premature aging, battery life to reduce the happening of the damage. Therefore, we at the time of setting controller, must be detailed and accurate to consider the local rainy days.  3, if the solar street light LED lamp holder used power slants big, then the battery can be caused by excessive discharge aging happens in advance, if the power is small, the brightness is not enough and the cost of unnecessary waste, less probability of the problem. Therefore, we in the choice of solar street light LED lamp holder should also be carefully selected to use the power. 
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