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Solar street lamps waterproof work is very important

by:SRS     2020-05-26

solar street light as a new energy accord with the requirement of environmental protection life now, the popularity of solar street light can meet the needs of each size of lighting. In numerous solar street lights in practical use, however, some can not meet the normal lighting, especially in the rainy day, this is mainly because some irresponsible manufacturers to reduce costs to use the relevant component quality closes nevertheless, not according to the design demand, reduce the use of panels and the battery standard, so there will be controller into the water. However, in the face of the situation when we do? High lamp manufacturer is here to share some experiences. To improve the solar street light controller waterproof processing, small method is put forward: lamp controller are installed in the chimney, battery box, generally do not water, but will have some in the case of actual engineering, such as improper installation or controller circuit board didn't do anti-corrosion paint processing, will follow the controller is caused by the rain outside the terminal connection into the solar street light controller, which cause a short circuit, so we should pay attention to in the construction of the controller inside the terminal connection wire bent into a U type and fixed type, and exposed to the external cables are to be fixed for a U shape, to ensure that won't short circuit phenomenon caused by the rain into the controller, or is the perimeter of the outlet, waterproof glue to waterproof. Solar controller good waterproof performance, to guarantee the normal lighting, solar garden light is to avoid the hidden safety problems because of the water caused by short circuit. 
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