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Solar street lamps use restrictions?

by:SRS     2020-07-07

What are the limits to solar street lamps use area? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: the first applicable areas of altitude limit solar street lamp, ordinary solar street light is suitable for the area at an altitude of 2000 meters, which is across the plains of central and eastern parts of China. Because of the elevation may also affect the use of the battery and circuit. Second in - solar street lamps 50℃- Use the best 70 ℃, temperature is too high can't work normally, low temperature also can make it run slower. Solar street lamps use regional wind loading again for grade 12, is 12 level within the wind will not damage, should can be used in the country.How do solar street lamps of green environmental protection green solar street lamp, solar street light is the use of light energy into the energy needed to power a street lamp, solar energy is inexhaustible, inexhaustible and renewable energy. Solar street light energy completely from natural light, this is pure green energy products. factory used to the atmosphere and the human body will not cause any harm, truly the energy conservation and environmental protection. This has become a noble ecological residential area, the development and popularization of adding new buy sustainable property management to reduce costs, for rural solar street lamps lighting power, reduce the owner's public share part of the cost. In the use of solar energy street light must check each part clearly for solar street lamps, make sure no any problem for use later. 
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