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Solar street lamps to the lasting development?

by:SRS     2021-02-09
Solar street lamps to the lasting development? As we all know, a lot of high-tech products in the very popular and hot, as but after a few years will disappear, this is a very common phenomenon, because many of the high-tech is not mature, or just hit a dummy head, so it is the solar street light? After a few years solar street lights will not die? We here is to say, the development of solar street light is very fast and very stable, is also very practical and economic, solar street lamp is a real science and technology, not any empty head, so the solar street light will get more good development in the future, more sustainable development. Now solar panels in the conversion rate of only 13% 23%, far less than the level of ideal, even so, the solar panels of light energy into electricity already have played an important role in the raising of the foot lightweight, if solar panels after double conversion rate will inevitably cause the great change of the development of , because part of the solar street lamp manufacturers in the forefront of science and technology already the level reached nearly 40%, if the technology has been popular, will also reduce the cost of a lot of , more economical and practical. In addition, the battery , the LED is out of the primary stage of development, a breakthrough in any may cause the revolution of cost, so, people are using solar street light is more low, the cost of the development of solar street light will be strong.
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