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Solar street lamps to snow removal in winter?

by:SRS     2021-03-16
solar street lamp to snow removal in winter? Solar panels on the solar street light is very important to receive the parts of sunshine, if it is covered in snow, cannot play an effective role in energy storage, therefore, is to deal with solar panels on the snow. Son of solar street light can use the bamboo on the snow removal in the form of a broom with solar panels is tilted so snow is easy to clean, gently sweep generally can slide down, if before noon when the snow cleaning effect is better. In xinjiang, Inner Mongolia region, often windy, the temperature is very low, so the snow generally cannot be attached on the solar panels, basically don't need to worry about snow removal.
the solar street lamp voltage is how many?
the solar street lamp voltage is how many? Solar street lamp voltage, generally speaking, there are two kinds, one kind is 12 v, one kind is 24 v. 12 v solar street light, is composed of a piece of 17. 5 v solar panels, and a 12 v battery and LED 12 v, 24 v by 35 v solar panels and 24 v battery. In general, the voltage of the system is according to LED power, LED lower than 30 watts, using 12 v solar street lamp, above 30 watts of general use 24 v LED solar street light. For more powerful solar street light, such as 150 watts, 180 watts of LED used by the system, can not be summed up in 12 v or 24 v, the LED light source can be divided into two kinds, such as 150 + can be divided into 60 watts 90 watts, 180 watts can be divided into 90 + 90 watts, an LED light source into two independent 24 v system, so it is very good calculation.
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