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Solar street lamps to do simple maintenance?

by:SRS     2020-05-18

What are new rural led solar street lamp to do simple maintenance? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows:  1. Each part of the fixed component fixed solar panels solar street lamps, solar panels, lamp holder fixed pick arm, then picked up a support arm and fixed main rod, cable inserted into the control box and battery box; 2。 Lifting lever pay attention to safety, screw fastening absolute good, component error point of view, such as: toward the sun Angle, eventually need to adjust their south direction;  3。 Before lifting lever to check whether the fasteners is a powerful components, installation of lamps and lanterns is correct, whether it's normal work. Simple debugging system normal release the solar panels on the control cable; Cable connected to the solar panels, controller on careful observation index change at the same time, all belong to normal before the lifting installation;  4。 Battery into the battery compartment according to with the cable connected to the controller, technical requirements for the battery to withstand the load, and then take the solar panels, must pay attention to when connected to the controller in each terminal superscript should not wrong, collision, the positive and negative poles should not take the wrong connection, otherwise the controller will be damaged.  5。 Normal debugging system, release control cables, cable connected to the solar panels, controller and careful observation index changes, close the control box, to test fully, so as to avoid other problems. 
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