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Solar street lamps to choose which price is better?

by:SRS     2020-03-23

In the market there are many different kinds of led solar street lamp, all kinds of customers don't know what is good and what is not. If you choose a product? We choose the most suitable for his needs. According to different customers, we use the position of the environment according to the product quantity and choose the type of street lights and the specific parameters, so as to achieve the best product for the customer.If you need more the number of street lamp, can buy directly to manufacturers. Manufacturers to provide most of the solar street lights are low price, there will be no price difference between the middlemen. The most economic way is to buy the product. In addition, if buy enough, many manufacturers can free transport and install street lamp. Street light transport vehicles need professional installation and professional personnel and equipment. Buy street light, should communicate with manufacturer, whether the specific installation including equipment costs, personnel costs and various accessories, if not, you will need to hire a professional team. The price of solar street lights alternating current (ac) is higher than the traditional city street lamp. In addition, there are two types of most can produce led solar street lamp manufacturer, can produce solar panels and batteries, another kind is to select the existing brand solar and battery, and combines with the street light body if you buy a mature brand, solar and battery itself needs to make some profit, so the price will be relatively high, and all fittings produced by solar manufacturers of the price will be much lower. However, solar panels and batteries in the solar street light relatively high technical content. Some led solar street lamp manufacturer own solar panels for the utilization and conversion of the sun may not be high. Therefore, the specifications of the solar panels and batteries must be predetermined before buying. Different specifications, the price difference is very big. In addition, different regions need different specifications. In sunny areas, for example, can choose specification relatively low solar panels, which can greatly save the cost. 
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