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Solar street lamps six core strengths

by:SRS     2020-06-05

Six core advantages of solar street lamps, solar street lamps factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: advantage: environmental protection compared with the traditional street lamp solar street lamps mainly by sun them into electricity during the day, evening release electricity for lighting use. No other sources of energy, and solar energy is the world recognized the most environmentally friendly energy, so in terms of pollution solar street light pollution index is almost zero, it only can pollution is the battery. But in general, battery low probability of environmental pollution, recycle and cannot be used. Second advantage: safety grid for general use 220 v or 380 v voltage power supply lighting, such as grid lamp case of damage or malfunction occurs leakage, the danger of fire. use 12 - Low voltage 24 v power supply, voltage stability, reliable operation, will not exist any security hidden danger. Three advantages: energy saving energy supply is sunlight solar street lamp, solar energy for us human beings is the inexhaustible energy, ordinary mains street lamp because of using alternating current (ac), in order to supply the night lighting consumes a lot of energy in my life. Four advantages: long term investment less buy mains street lamp from now to see if the price is far lower than the solar street light price, but the mains twice or three times in the investment will be very big, such as the control box, cable, engineering, electricity operation and maintenance, etc. , and a one-time investment in solar street lamps, no maintenance costs, cost can be recycled in about 2 years. Advantage 5: convenient installation no wiring installation construction is extremely low, when the solar street lamp, ditch burying line is not without surrounding construction of power station, only need to install the cement, the stainless steel can be fixed, even integrated solar street lamps can be installed in existing poles or the wall, the installation process can't more than 20 minutes, a day to install very much light. Advantage 6: install and applicable range  solar street lamp installation is not subject to regional restriction, almost both mountains, grasslands, fields, where there are sunshine can install solar street lamp, especially suitable for green landscape lighting, high-grade residential and outdoor lighting, tourist attractions coastal landscape lighting and ornament, industrial development zones, industrial and mining enterprises, street lamp, outdoor lighting some universities and colleges.
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